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The Stoplight Media Group Story

It's a simple, funny, cute story...

The Stoplight Media Group Story

Welcome to Stoplight Media Group (SMG)!

I know it's a bit hokey to post an origin story as the first blog post, but I don't want to dive straight into the "7 Best SEO Techniques" or "How to Best Use Social Media" articles without a proper introduction.

My name is Kosta Papasideris, founder of Stoplight Media Group, a Houston-based boutique website and graphics design firm. I started SMG in 2013, initially in order to support the design and web presence of another small business I partnered into. Quickly, we onboarded other clients, and business #1 became the “side gig.” We rebranded and relaunched the company in 2019 in order to pivot focus to our growing customer base. The name Stoplight comes from the first and middle name of my daughter, roughly translated to “Stop & Light.” Her programming - mashing on the keyboard - is actually Easter-egged into all of our code!

SMG specializes in custom, turnkey website and graphic design. Our emphasis is on functionality, reliability, simplicity and communication. We operate and design on a wide variety of platforms, including: WordPress, custom HTML, PHP, Java and the Adobe Suite of design products. If you have website or graphic design needs or questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email us.